Special Selection for International Students on IDEC-Hiroshima University

Category Selection
IDEC offers several categories of selection. For detailed application requirements, please refer to "Application Guideline".

General Selection
Master' s Program 
Open to applicants who graduated/are scheduled to graduate from a university in Japan before enrollment, who have completed 16 years of formal schooling in a foreign country, and so on.
Most of applicants falls into this category.
  Doctoral Program
Open to applicants who have/are expecting to obtain Master’s Degree or Professional Degree from a university in Japan, who have received a Degree Certificate equivalent to a Master’s Degree or a Professional Degree in a foreign country, and so on.
Most of applicants falls into this category.

Selection as a Student with Careers
Master' s Program
Open to applicants having at least two years of full-time work experience as an employee, official, or teacher in a private company, international organization, governmental organization, local government, or educational organization by the time of enrollment to IDEC, and also have more than one year’s experience in a field related to international cooperation.
 Doctoral Program
Open to applicants working in a research organization, educational organization or private company at the time of application, continuing to hold the position after entrance into IDEC, and be approved to take the entrance examination by the organization.

Selection as Professional Associate (for Master's Program only)
Open to applicants holding either a
 (1) Masters ’s degree or Doctoral degree or
(2) Bachelor’s degree and professional licensing as a lawyer, chartered accountant, pollution prevention manager, consultant engineer, architect, veterinarian, translator, translating guide agent, or clinical psychologist or who has made significant achievement in the field of sports or entertainment, and is recognized as being qualified to study at IDEC.

Special Selection for Senior Citizens
     Open to applicants who is approximately 60 or more years old.
Special Selection for International Students
     Open to non-Japanese citizens residing outside of Japan.

Please read the Application Guideline carefully as ADMISSION QUALIFICATIONS and REQUIREMENTS differs for each selection.
The application guideline and other information, please go to here.


  1. ini beasiswa bukan bu??? sy lihat kok ada tuition fee nya,,,hmmmm

  2. maaf late reply...iya ini hanya untuk ujian seleksi sbgai mahasiswa exclude beasiswa...tp stlh diterima, bisa apply beasiswa, keringanan spp dan uang masuk sampai 0 yen.